Kendo Gold – Value Pack


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x3 Packets of Kendo Vape Cotton (Gold Edition)
x10 Packets of Kendo Vape Cotton (Gold Edition)

In this value pack you will receive 3 packets of Kendo Vape Cotton at a reduced price, Kendo Cotton is proving to be most experienced vaper’s cotton of choice.

Kendo “Gold Edition” is an improvement over the original Kendo. Gold Edition wicks even faster than the traditional Kendo and comes in a 1 meter long rope that easily pulls apart making your rebuilds quicker and easier.



• 100% Japanese Organic Cotton
• Unbleached
• Tasteless
• Heat-Resistant
• Better Absorption
• Long Lasting
• Pesticide Free
• Low Flavour Retention
• 1 Meter Long

Watch this Kendo Cotton Wicking Tutorial! 

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